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Cash & Coin Dispenser Solutions


ARCA CM 18 $39990.00

Next Generation Cash Recycling

Teller Cash Recyclers, more simply known as TCRs, started to gain real popularity with banks during the latter part of the Nineties.

The TCR is an automated, fully certified safe containing all the technology required to process banknotes. It is able to identify and authenticate banknotes, sort specific notes to secured containers and provide banking applications with auditable detail for each transaction.

Removing the need to count and verify banknotes means that the Teller can dedicate more of their attention to their customer.

The CM18 represents the most advanced TCR available today.

ARCA 2600

ARCA 2600 $34500.00

Intelligent design, unlike any other

The technology behind the ARCA 2600 is impressive. It was designed to have the highest capacity, most flexible interface options, smallest footprint and quietest operation of any dispenser on our line.

The ARCA 2600 is a durable, rugged, space saving machine that will help you become more accurate, reduce the amount of time spent counting and balancing, and provide additional protection of your cash. With its sophisticated, ultra-quiet performance, it may just become your new best friend.

  • Speed transactions
  • Simplify end of day balancing
  • Automate vault buys
  • Reduce exposed cash
  • Improve customer experience
  • Ensure accuracy

Lobby Cash Dispenser

Lobby Cash Dispenser $26500.00

The "SelfCash 1000" is a full featured lobby cash dispenser, perfect for Check Cashing or Redemption centers. An economical solution for all applications.

SelfCash 1000
   Full Featured/Economical Lobby Cash Dispenser
  • 17" Touchscreen
  • High Speed Dispenser (7 notes/second)
  • 2 & 4 Cassette Options (3000 notes/cassette)
  • 100 Notes/Transaction
  • UL Biz Level Safe & No Safe Options
  • Receipt Printer
  • Security Camera
  • Card Reader
  • PIN Pad
  • Indoor & Outdoor Environment
  • Windows 7 or 8
  • Dial Lock
  • Door Open Detection
  • 1 Year HWi Warranty
  • Voice Guidance
  • Advertisement/Logo
  • Digital Lock

UCDM Series

UCDM Series $20000.00

High Volume, Front or Rear Load

The UCDM Series of OEM Cash Dispenser moduels for high volume & heavy duty applications.
OEM Cash Dispenser Modules

  • 1-4 Cassettes
  • 3000 Notes/Cassette
  • Full Locking Cashbox
  • Presenter Style Dispense
  • 7 Notes/Second
  • US$ and International Currencies
  • Full SDK & Development Tools
  • Front or Rear Load

ECDM Series

ECDM Series $15000.00

Heavy Duty Solution

The ECDM Series of OEM Cash Dispenser modules provides the user with a heavy duty solution for dispensing bank notes 

  • 1-4 Cassettes
  • 2000 Notes/Cassette
  • Full Locking Cashbox
  • US$ & International Notes
  • Dispenses Street Grade Notes
  • SDK & Development Tools
  • RS232 Interface

LCDM Series

LCDM Series $12500.00

Low Cost & Ecomical Solution

  • 1-4 Cassettes

  • 1000 Notes/Cassette

  • Front Load

  • RS232 Interface

  • US$ and International Notes

  • SDK & Development Tools

  • Dispenses Street Grade Notes

The LCDM Series of OEM Cash Dispenser modules provides a high quality but economical way of dispensing bank notes in your application.

VCDM Series

VCDM Series $7500.00

Small Footprint, size efficiant

When you have limited space, the VCDM Series of OEM Cash Dispensers offer you a smaller footprint with all the features.

  • 1-4 Cassettes
  • 500 Notes/Cassette
  • Front or Rear Load
  • RS232 Interface
  • Full SDK & Development Tools
  • US$/International Notes
  • Locking Cassette
  • "Short End" Note Dispense
  • Small Profile

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